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New Adventure in My Journey to Health

My new adventure in my journey to health begins with a running class I am taking at my church, as well as a new product line I am [..]

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With Type 2 Diabetes on the Rise, Isn’t Your Life Worth More…Change Your Life by Changing Your Diet!

With type 2 diabetes on the rise, isn’t your life worth more than the temporary taste of certain foods?  Change your life by changing your diet!!  I am [..]

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Who is at a Healthier Weight…Omnivores, Flexitarians, Vegetarians or Vegans?

We all like to believe we are healthy.  We think because we eat healthy, that makes us healthy.  What kind of diet or lifestyle do you think is [..]

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The Jazzy Vegetarian~”Making the World a Better Place, ONE RECIPE at a Time”, Now on Public Television!

Laura Theodore is also known as The Jazzy Vegetarian.  Her motto is, “Making the world a better place, one recipe at a time!”.  Laura makes some fantastic recipes [..]

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