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Good Greens Bars are Wholesome, Nutritious AND Delicious!

Good Greens make these bars that are like a candy bar morphed with an energy bar!  It tastes like you are indulging, when you are actually getting a [..]

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Who is at a Healthier Weight…Omnivores, Flexitarians, Vegetarians or Vegans?

We all like to believe we are healthy.  We think because we eat healthy, that makes us healthy.  What kind of diet or lifestyle do you think is [..]

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Cream of Broccoli Deluxe soup~Yum!

I LOVE Forks Over Knives!  I just had to get the companion to the documentary.  Just got it in the mail yesterday and found tons of recipes I [..]

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Check out my friend Jill the Vegan Gal-Great Website

You seriously need to check out the website http://www.vegan-gal.com Jill is a vegan.   She gives us the knowledge she has learned through the years.  She is not a [..]

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