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With Type 2 Diabetes on the Rise, Isn’t Your Life Worth More…Change Your Life by Changing Your Diet!

With type 2 diabetes on the rise, isn’t your life worth more than the temporary taste of certain foods?  Change your life by changing your diet!!  I am [..]

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Why You Should NOT be Afraid of Soy!!

There are many people out there who think soy is more harmful than good.  I have brought this up to people I highly respect.  I posted a question [..]

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Vegetable Protein VS. Animal Protein

I must admit that once I decided to change my life and choose to increase the vegetable products in my diet and lose the animal products, I received [..]

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How diabetes is affected by Plant Based Diets

I know many people who have diabetes…and that is part of my reason to change my eating habits.  I know adults and children alike.  There is a lot [..]

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