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With Type 2 Diabetes on the Rise, Isn’t Your Life Worth More…Change Your Life by Changing Your Diet!

With type 2 diabetes on the rise, isn’t your life worth more than the temporary taste of certain foods?  Change your life by changing your diet!!  I am [..]

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Today, We See as Many Ads for Drugs as for Junk Food! Why Have we Become a Pill Popping Nation?

While you are sitting there watching your favorite show on television tonight, watch and count how many of those commercials are for pharmaceutical drugs.  Today, we see as [..]

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Healthy Kids~Help them be the Champions of the Future

I found this great website… Fruits and Veggies More Matters!  This website is filled with great information about health and nutrition and adding more fruit and veggies to [..]

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Plant Based Diet

I have had many people question the whys of eating a plant based diet.  Every person who has chosen this lifestyle has done so for their own reasons [..]

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