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Switching to Plant Strong Diet in Only 3 Short Weeks~A Testimony of a Dear Friend of Mine!

A dear friend of mine sent me a message telling me of some of the changes she has experienced in her short time of only 3 weeks of [..]

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Helpful Tips to Help You Transition to a Plant Strong Diet

Transitioning to a Plant Strong lifestyle, will take strong dedication.  This transition is NOT hard, but it is definitely something that will take commitment and a willingness to [..]

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Shocking Rate of Increase of Consumption of Meat, Dairy and Sugar.

I was shocked to say the least when I learned just how much we Americans eat.  Not just anything, but mainly meat, dairy and sugar consumption. Of course, [..]

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Forks Over Knives Documentary

Soon after I decided to go “cold turkey” with cutting out sugar, and ALL animal products, the documentary Forks Over Knives came to theaters.  I had heard of [..]

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