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Health Benefits of the glorious Queen Quinoa

I know your asking, “what in the world is quinoa”?  That was my question exactly maybe 6 months ago.  Well, I had heard about it and to be honest, I was [..]

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Forks Over Knives Documentary

Soon after I decided to go “cold turkey” with cutting out sugar, and ALL animal products, the documentary Forks Over Knives came to theaters.  I had heard of [..]

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The Cold Hard Facts about Health and Nutrition

Dr. David Katz stated that “This generation of kids growing up today, will be the first generation to have a shorter life span than their parents.” 17% of [..]

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How diabetes is affected by Plant Based Diets

I know many people who have diabetes…and that is part of my reason to change my eating habits.  I know adults and children alike.  There is a lot [..]

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