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Check Out Dr. Greger at NutritionalFacts.org For Some Great Information on Nutrition and Health!

Do you have some questions about nutrition?  With all the information out there…and most of it contradicting, where do you go for advice?  Check out Dr. Greger at [..]

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Healthy Flaxseed and Why Ground is Better than Whole!

Is Flaxseed a power food?  Some experts think so.  Flax can help reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. Flaxseed can be found in crackers, cake, [..]

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Did You Know, Sugar Helps Cancer Cells GROW?

Here is a good reason to cut the sugar out of your diet!!! Cancer LOVES Sugar!  Sugar does not CAUSE cancer, but it does feed it.  Our bodies [..]

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Vegetable Protein VS. Animal Protein

I must admit that once I decided to change my life and choose to increase the vegetable products in my diet and lose the animal products, I received [..]

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