Plant Strong People You May Know

I want to share with you some of the famous people you may or may not know.  All these people live a plant stong lifestyle for various reasons.  Some of these are Vegan, some Vegetarian.  Here’s a little inspiration…Let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. Alanis Morissette~Singer/Songwriter
  2. Alicia Silverstone~Actress/Author
  3. Emily Deschanel~Actress/Animal Welfare Activist
  4. Ellen DeGeneres~Actress/Talk Show Host
  5. Tony Gonzalez~Kansas City Chiefs tight end
  6. Natalie Portman~Actress
  7. Alyssa Milano~Actress
  8. Bob Harper~Biggest Loser Training Coach
  9. Anne Hathaway~Actress
  10. Casey Affleck~Actor
  11. Casey Kasem~Radio Show Host
  12. Woody Harrelson~Actor
  13. Weird Al Yankovic~Singer/Songwriter
  14. Tobey Maguire~Actor
  15. Vanessa Williams~Actress
  16. Alec Baldwin~Actor
  17. Pamela Anderson~Actress
  18. Joaquin Phoenix~Actor
  19. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince
  20. Russell Simmons~Co-Founder of Def Jam
  21. Kevin Nealon~Actor/ Comedian
  22. Steve-O~Stunt Performer
  23. Olivia Wilde~Actress
  24. Mutt Lange~Producer/Songwriter
  25. Jennifer Connelly~Actress
  26. Tea Leoni~Actress
  27. Petra Nemcova~Model/ Author
  28. Lea Michele~Actress/Singer
  29. Gillian Anderson~Actress
  30. Darryl Hannah~Actress
  31. Demi Moore~Actress
  32. Brendan Brazier ~Iron Man Tri-Athelete
  33. Robert Cheeke~Body Builder
  34. Mike Tyson~Heavyweight Boxer
  35. Jack LaLaine~Fitness Guru
  36. John Salley~NBA Player
  37. Mac Danzig~Professional MMA Fighter
  38. Carl Lewis~Track and Field Olympian
  39. Dave Zabriskie~World Class Cyclist
  40. Ed Templeton~Professional Skateboarder
  41. George Laraque~Professional Hockey Player
  42. Pat Neshek~Minnesota Twins Pitcher
  43. Ronda Rousey~Professional MMA Artist
  44. Sally Eastall~British Long Distance Runner
  45. Barry White~Singer/Songwriter/Producer
  46. Bryan Adams~Singer/Songwriter/Producer
  47. Carrie Underwood~Singer/Songwriter
  48. Shania Twain~Singer/Songwriter
  49. Phil Collins~Singer/Songwriter
  50. Jason Mraz~Singer/Songwriter
  51. Joe Elliot~Singer/songwriter
  52. Phil Collin~Guitarist/Volcalist
  53. Adam Yauch~Rapper
  54. Adam Hurley~Musician/Drummer
  55. Joan Jett~Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist
  56. Chrissie Hynde~Singer/Songwriter
  57. Fiona Apple~Singer/Songwriter
  58. Anoushka Shankar~Indian Sitar Player/Composer
  59. Anthony Kiedis~Vocalist/Lyricist
  60. Morrissey~Singer/Lyricist
  61. K.D. Lang~Singer/Songwriter
  62. Sinead O’Connor~Singer/Songwriter
  63. Steve Jobs~Co-Founder of Apple Inc.
  64. Michael Eisner ~Previous Cheif Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Co.
  65. John Mackey~CEO of Whole Foods
  66. Bill Ford~Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Corp.
  67. Biz Stone~Co-Founder of Twitter
  68. Rupert Murdoch~Founder and CEO of News Corporation
  69. Steve Wynn~Vital role in the Resurgence and Expansion of Las Vegas Strip
  70. Tom Freston~Former President and CEO of Viacom
  71. Mort Zuckerman~Magazine Editor/Publisher/Real Estate
  72. Ingrid Newkirk~President of PETA
  73. Bill Clinton~Former President of the United States
  74. Chelsea Clinton~Daughter of Former President Clinton
  75. Leonardo De Vinci~Painter/ Sculptor
  76. Dennis Kucinich~US Congressman
  77. Mohandas Ghandi~Former Leader of India
  78. Coretta Scott  King~Author/Activist
  79. Benjamin Spock~Famous Pediatritian/Author
  80. Portia de Rossi~Actress
  81. Heather Mills~Former Model/Animal Rights Campaigner
  82. Mayim Bialik~Actress
  83. Connie Britton~Actress
  84. Sandra Oh~Actress
  85. Carrie Anne Moss~Actress
  86. Paula Abdul~Singer/Songwriter
  87. Michael Lee Aday~Singer (AKA Meatloaf)
  88. Carol Alt~Supermodel
  89. Adam Ant~Singer/Actor
  90. Louisa May Alcott~Author (Little Women)
  91. Susan B. Anthony~Women’s Suffrage Movement
  92. Christina Applegate~Actress
  93. Bob Barker~Former TV Host/Animal Rights Activist
  94. Kim Basinger~Actress
  95. Ed Begley Jr.~Actor
  96. Michael Bolton~Singer/Songwriter
  97. Jackie Chan~Actor/Martial Arts
  98. Bill Cosby~Actor/Author (Cosby Show)
  99. Willem Dafoe ~Actor (Spider Man)

Do you have any other names you could add?  Let me know so I can add them.  I know there are many more….If people can be Heavyweight Boxers and Sports players, why couldn’t you???

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