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Could Diet Alone Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack and Lower Your Cholesterol?

Most of us know that what we eat has an effect on our health.  Most of us know that what we eat can help us.  What about those [..]

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Raw Cookie Dough Can be Very Dangerous to Your Health

Have you ever been tempted by that nice big bowl of raw cookie dough you were baking?  I can honestly say I definitely have been.  Raw cookie dough [..]

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Today, We See as Many Ads for Drugs as for Junk Food! Why Have we Become a Pill Popping Nation?

While you are sitting there watching your favorite show on television tonight, watch and count how many of those commercials are for pharmaceutical drugs.  Today, we see as [..]

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The Mighty Mushroom~Not Just Delicious But Also Healthy!

I want to talk about what I call The Mighty Mushroom.  Mushrooms are not just delicious but they are also healthy!  I will admit, I LOVE mushrooms…always have!!  [..]

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