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Do You Love Eggnog? Why Not Try Something New, “Egg”nog Without Animal Byproducts!

It is the Holiday season, and many of us LOVE eggnog.  Do you love eggnog?  This year, why not try something new, an eggnog without any animal byproducts.  [..]

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The Glorious Apple~Nutritious, Versatile and Super Yummy!

I LOVE apples.  Even if an apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away, we will still always have them in our house!  Many times I can’t keep [..]

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Are Genetically Modified foods safe to eat?

Do you know what genetically modified (GM) foods are?  To be honest, I sure didn’t until recently.  A friend posted on her blog about this topic, and that was [..]

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Why you should eat your cruciferous veggies!

What are cruciferous veggies, you ask? Crucifer in Latin means “cross bearer”.  The cruciferous vegetables are those whose flowers are in the shape of a cross.  These vegetables [..]

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