Update on My Journey AND AdvoCare!! :)

Well, I began to share last week about my journey to health.  I would like to give you an update today!  Still having trouble with my knee…which totally stinks.  I began a running class and had only been able to run maybe 8 times if I was lucky before I had some major pain in my knee.  I decided that it is time to see my doctor.  I called to make an appointment and the had to schedule with the same doctor who did my carpal tunnel surgery.  I only saw him 3 weeks ago or so for a checkup on my hand when he made the statement…”I will see you when I see you”!!  Who knew I would be back in his office a month later with knee issues now?!  I will update when I get the results as to what is exactly wrong.

Anyhow, enough about my knee problems.  I learned about a great company called AdvoCare.  Within the last year or so, it has come up numerous times with just as many people.  I decided that I not only want to add more nutrition to my body but also wanted to make some much needed extra money.  I became a distributor with AdvoCare with the hopes and desire to become an Advisor.

I started my AdvoCare journey with trying their 24 Day Challenge.  Today was Day 14 for me and to date I have lost 10 lbs!!  I am amazed at my energy level, how I feel it has increased drastically!  I am sleeping better at night and feel so much better in all!  I have my entire family on products in one form or another.  I have seen and heard and felt so many great things with this product!!  You NEED to give them a try!! 🙂

Please check out my website and feel free to ask me any questions!! I am here to help!

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  1. MJ Urbani

    ARe you vegan and on Advocare? I am thinking of trying advocare challenge, but am not sure how it dovetails with being a vegan?

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