New Adventure in My Journey to Health

My new adventure in my journey to health begins with a running class I am taking at my church, as well as a new product line I am taking by Advocare.

My church~Hope Church,  began advertising a class they were ready to start, called Run For God, we will train basically using the Couch to 5k plan and in June…June 16 precisely, we will run a 5k as a group.  I was on board before I could even sign up.  See, last year at this time as I was dramatically changing the way I was eating, I gave myself a goal to run a 5k before I turned 40!  Well, 40 came and I had not even begun running.  I wasn’t really discouraged but I was disappointed with myself…why couldn’t I do just that one “little” goal?  At the time I was more focused on getting my nutrition in order….as I said in the beginning, I was totally NOT going to change into a vegetarian…let alone a vegan!

So, I began this class with my husband Brian and it is a great group of people who gather together with different goals in mind.  My goal for this class is to just be able to finish the 5k.  I am NOT committing to do it in a certain time, because me running is HUGE!  So far I have actually only gone out 8 times to run, and I can’t believe I actually feel good when I am done.  That was until Wednesday of last week,  I went on a run with my daughter, Brandi and I knew my knee was quite sore when we started.  I had been having some inflammation on the backside of my knee but I thought it would just go away…I thought my body was just rejecting this new activity.  But, Thursday the knee hurt all day.  I decided Thursday night to run despite it hurting and I did finish the intervals.  That night as soon as I laid down, I couldn’t even get back up right away.  By Friday, I was almost totally out of commission.  Saturday morning it was a little better and decided I needed to go to our class…I need the support.  Many of the ladies in the group encouraged me to walk…not run…to not over do it.  I thought I was OK so I decided to join the group in their jog.  We had 6 intervals of running and I ran all of them, if you can call it running.  By the end I was limping while running.  Today, it has been pretty spotty but this evening again…painful to put weight on it.  I am going to give myself a few more days and then call the doc to see if there is anything really wrong.

I will continue to post how this running thing is going…and whether or not I have a valid injury.

Coming soon….Herbal Cleanse by Advocare!!!

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