Where Have I Been?

Good afternoon to all my readers, and how are you today?  Better yet, how have you been?  I haven’t posted for I believe 2 months or so and even before that I was irregular for  a while!  My apologies!!

Where have I been, you ask?  Nowhere special for me, just home and taking care of family and home.  Life has gotten the best of me and now I am ready to fight to have it back! 🙂

Anyhow, I have not really been doing much, life has just gotten the best of me lately….I know~excuses, excuses!!

When my kids were home for Christmas break, that just threw me into a whirlwind of life.  That compounded with needing surgery on both hands really put me in a funk to say the least.  I needed carpal tunnel surgery and had my left hand done January 26 and the right one was done on February 23.  I also had De Quervain’s tendonitis which needed to be taken care of.  Since having my surgeries, my mind was totally in a funk, mainly because of the fact that I couldn’t tie my shoes, cut veggies, even housework was literally a chore for me (and still is most of the time).  I have been going to Occupational Therapy and back and forth to my surgeon.  Looks like I may need to go into Plastic Surgery later, I have a scar from the De Quervain’s surgery that is extremely sensitive and not getting better.  We will see about that later.

These last few weeks I am finally feeling better mentally…getting out of that darn funk.  Back on the train of plant strong eating and have added a few other things to the mix which you will hear about in the next few posts!!

Gotta run, dinner (and family) awaits!  Have a good day, all!!

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