Setting Goals and Sticking to Them

Who am I to think I can tell anybody about setting goals?  I am terrible at not only goal setting, but the bigger issue for me is sticking to them.

Throughout the years I have started many businesses to do from home with the thought of “making it big”.  Each and every one of them has failed.  I could just say, it wasn’t the right fit, and that could be true and most certainly could have played a part in my failures.  I need to look at myself and first say, “What is it that I could do, that will help people?”  See, I have always loved people but I never really knew what it was that I could do to help…I don’t have any degree, nor do I have the money to go to school to get that degree.  I have often thought as myself as a failure, which I truly believe is partly why I became so addicted to food.

I didn’t have any eating disorder as a child/teenager, but as an adult and being a stay at home mom, I began my upward spiral that seemed to never stop.  Last year I told myself…not really a goal, but I told myself that I wanted to change the diet of my family.  As the year went on, I waivered in ways but never totally got off the wagon, but I felt like a failure because this is something I really had a passion for and didn’t stick to it.  I also made a goal last year to run a 5k BEFORE I turned 40.  Well, guess what?!  It didn’t happen, I really was mad at myself.

Today, I have a new found hope in health!  I am back on the plant strong lifestyle.  I also have added in a running program.  Our church began this program and I already feel it could work.  It is called Run for God and it is almost identical to the Couch to 5k program.  Not only do I have accountability but the fun of running with others.  I get discouraged because I cannot keep up with many of them, but there are also many of them who are encouraging to me!  Even though they have the endurance and strength and speed to be way up front, the hang out in the back with me.  This class will finish with a 5k in June which I AM running in!  So, even though I missed my 40th birthday, I will still run a 5k WHILE I am 40! 🙂

In the end, I am trying to help others with their eating habits, even though I am not a doc, or a nutritionist.  I have a passion for helping others and feel this nutrition “thing” and adding in my activity now, will help me meet that goal!

You owe it to yourself, set those goals…they may not be easily attainable, but it is so very worth it in the end!

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