With Type 2 Diabetes on the Rise, Isn’t Your Life Worth More…Change Your Life by Changing Your Diet!

With type 2 diabetes on the rise, isn’t your life worth more than the temporary taste of certain foods?  Change your life by changing your diet!! 

I am sure you know someone who has type 2 diabetes.  Whether it is you, or a family member or friend, we all know someone this terrible disease has affected.  Personally, I know many who have type 2 diabetes and others who are borderline diabetic.  Do people really think food does NOT affect whether or not you have diabetes?  Most of those I know don’t exactly have a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.  Many times I have heard people say that they need to be careful of fruit…because of the sugar in it, but they go and eat a bag of potato chips or cakes and such.  Something just doesn’t make sense with that scenario, not sure what it is though!

These people can save their lives and those around them, if they adopt a vegan diet…one low in fat but high in fruit and vegetables.  It is hard to grasp but there are more than 20 million Americans with diabetes…a number that is on the rise.  A vegan diet  is a healing tool that diabetics AND their doctors can use to fight such a terrible disease.  This diet will help with weight loss and with lowering cholesterol..as well as getting you off your medications.  Do not take yourself off your medications, talk to your doctor about it.  You should see within a month of adopting a vegan diet that you will soon be off your medications!!

Check you Dr. Neal Barnard, lead researcher for PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) for some great resources for diabetes and cooking…as well as adopting a wonderful plant strong diet.  Here, you can find some great information on incorporating a vegetarian diet…check it out, it will not be as hard as you think!!!

Don’t take my word for it….take the word of many people who have reversed their diabetes when they adopted a vegan diet, high in plant strong foods~not processed foods that say they are healthy!!

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