Kids Today Don’t Know Their Vegetables…Parents Should be Held More Accountable!

Kids Today Don’t Know Their Vegetables…Parents Should be Held More Accountable!  OK, I don’t mean that children should be taken away from their parents if they are overweight or obese as one child was recently.  But, I think parents today really need to take responsibility of their own actions.  The government wants to discontinue toys in kids meals at restaurants…it is not the toy that causes the child to be unhealthy.  The parents are the ones going through the drive through…or letting the child run the house!

We have a family consisting of dad, daughter and grandfather living nearby.  When the mom came to visit one day this past summer, she told me that the daughter (who is 6, mind you) grabs whatever she wants off the shelf at the grocery store and that is what she is fed.  Are you kidding me?!  I have a picky eater but no way would I let her or any of my 4 kids decide what is going in the cart!!

My oldest daughter babysits for a few children.  Today, she took a pic of what the children eat on a daily basis.  Their lunch consists of Chef Boyardee ravioli and a fruit cup (probably filled with syrup)!!  She said that they do eat bananas and apples but that there are no vegetables in the house.  They eat all processed foods…either from the cupboard or the freezer.  Sure, for busy families convenience foods are great…right?  No way, not great on the wallet but even worse for your health!!  These processed foods are loaded with sugar and salt and additives and preservatives…there is really no nutrition at all!!  I didn’t tell my daughter but I think a great idea for her is to buy a few ingredients and make something different for the kids…at least give them an opportunity to try something.

One last story that I am almost saddened to tell is from my mom.  A while back she was at her local grocery store and she had in her cart a bundle of carrots…the “real” ones with the greens still on them.  A grown lady approached her and asked her what they were (being serious!).  My mom told her they were carrots, then the lady asked my mom how does she prepare them…this lady didn’t know what a carrot really looks like.  All she buys are the baby carrots that are already peeled (and really pretty yucky, if you ask me!)!!  I am sure you have some of your own stories…either personal or someone you know.  There are no dumb questions…I am certainly not saying anything bad about the lady who didn’t know her carrots, but it is sad that she has not had any teachings in nutrition.

Please if you have any questions about nutrition….anything, please ask away.  If I don’t know the answer, I will definitely find it for you!!  It is our responsibility as adults to teach those we are responsible for about nutrition…and not only teach them, but be a model to them!!  Our children are going to do as we do…if we eat junk on a regular basis, they will grow up to do the same.  Look back at how you were raised, do you see any similarities?  Let’s get educated in nutrition together!!!

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