What Was the Average Calorie Intake for Americans in 2011 and What Did We Eat? You Just Might Be Shocked!

What Was the Average Calorie Intake for Americans in 2011 and What Did We Eat? You Just Might Be Shocked!!  This is an interactive chart showing how our country has “grown”…not in numbers but in size!!!  This is extremely sad but true!!

Americans are eating cheese, sweets, potatoes and grains…and LOTS of them!  Lets start with our calorie count…the USDA says we eat an estimate of over 2,000 calories a day, but realistically it is much closer to 2,500-3,000.   That alone is an alarming number but…With this number, it is equivalent to almost a TON of food we consume in a year (this is per person…estimated)!  Let’s see what all  those calories consist of (per the US Department of Agriculture):

Dairy~probably the largest industry in America!!!  We Americans have consumed approximately 630 pounds of Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream and Yogurt (again, this is per person in the year 2011).  Does that disturb you?  Well, it sure does disturb me knowing how very much fat and cholesterol is in milk and especially cheese!!  Cheese is probably the worst food for us…my opinion but do your own research!!  This number alone makes me think that it is no wonder why Americans have gotten so large.  Please take the time to watch this very informative video by Dr. Neal Barnard on how certain foods are addictive…

Americans have consumed about 200 pounds of wheat and grains in 2011 and just under 200 pounds of meat (chicken, turkey, beef, and pork).

Yes, we did consume about 400 pounds of vegetables and just under 300 pounds of fruit, but the fruit is usually water based and the vegetables that are most consumed are potatoes and corn!!  Where are your green leafy vegetables??  I work for a party center and we serve our weddings and such dinner, it amazes me how many people say no to the vegetable.  My mom was buying carrots in the store (with the greens on them) and a lady actually approached her and asked her what they were and how do you prepare them!!!  This is our society.  Kids these days will not know what a vegetable is…they are all in tune with opening a can or popping a meal in the microwave….very sad.

Americans consumed about 140 pounds of sweeteners including 40 pounds of those were corn syrup.  This is disturbing….more and more people I know are consuming artificial sweeteners even though they know they are the worst thing for them!

We also have consumed almost 100 lbs of fat!!  Wow…although it is really no shocking, with the amounts of peanuts we eat…but also the way we use olive oils and other oils.

Red meat is on the downward spiral in consumption but people are eating more and more chicken, turkey and fish.  I think these are just as bad as that red meat….why don’t you do a comparison.

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