Did You Know, That Beer Your Drinking May Contain Isinglass…Which Comes From Fish?

Did you know that that beer your drinking may contain Isinglass…which is extracted from fish (it is part of the filter process to clarify the brew).  To be honest, I never really was much of a beer drinker, but this really kind of intrigued me.  I searched what exactly isinglass is and here’s the definition:  a semitransparent whitish very pure gelatin prepared from the air bladders of fishes (as sturgeons) and used especially as a clarifying agent and in jellies and glue.  Personally, this sounds disgusting to me.!!  Not all brews are alike though.  Some (the vegan ones) are filtered or clarified using a seaweed extract, which to me still doesn’t sound appealing, but I guess it is a better way to go.  I wonder if an avid beer drinker could taste a difference between the two??  Any thoughts are welcome!!

I must admit, my daughter who is 12 told us about 2 months ago or so that beer is made of fish bladder…how and where in the world did she learn this?  I have no idea.  Since I have changed much of what we eat, she is quite interested in the ingredients of food.  We weren’t real sure if what she was saying was true, but kind of played along…until I read an article in Vegetarian Times (March 2009).  All I can say is WOW, we learn something new every day!!  I am more of a wine drinker…rarely, but a glass here and there is great!  Not sure about the filter/clarifying process for wine…I guess I ought to look into it!!  Well, have a very Happy New Year…stay safe!!

Here are some websites that offer information on animal-derived ingredients used to make beer, how different beers are made and if they are vegan or vegetarian:  beeradvocate.com; barnivore.com; veganconnection.com/veganbeer.htm

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