Could Diet Alone Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack and Lower Your Cholesterol?

Most of us know that what we eat has an effect on our health.  Most of us know that what we eat can help us.  What about those foods that we think are better for us?  Could diet alone reduce your risk for heart attack and lower your cholesterol?  It is crazy but is has been proven.

Many people think that because they have high cholesterol or heart disease, they will live the rest of their lives taking medications.  Would you rather pay for seriously great foods that can reverse your health problems or just pay for medication the rest of your life, some of those medications are outrageously expensive!!

Eating a plant based diet…which means getting rid of all the animal products, can and will turn your disease around if you give it a try.  Not just for a day, or a week…but long term.  What do you have to lose…besides your medications which you will be taking the rest of your life if you choose NOT to change your diet?

Check out this fantastic video from Dr. Greger….this short video will tell you the facts!!

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