Comfort Food and Food Addiction~My Story!

Comfort Foods and Food Addiction~My Story!

When I was a child, there were things in my life that I kept to myself that had happened to me.  And because of my not wanting to or being afraid to tell others things that were happening, I realized that I could feel better when I ate.  I didn’t really have a problem with food that I knew of until I was older.

I believe there are things we all go through in our lives that shape us into who we become as an adult.  These things include good things AND bad things.  I have always believed we go through things for a reason and I believe that those reasons are possibly so we can help someone else who has been though or is going through something that we also had to go through.

I went through things as a child that my mind didn’t even let me remember until I was an adult.  I also lost my best friend at the age of 17 and then years later lost my brother in the same manner (almost exactly) as my best friend.  Although difficult, we are able to get through.  Wherever you put your faith, you must hang onto that to get through.  In my case, I totally believe that God would not allow me to go through something that He knew I could not get through alone…without Him.

So, going through some things actually caused me to cope in my way….turning to binge eating.  I was never anorexic or bulimic….but my problem was binge eating.  Binge eating turned into becoming a closet eater.  I actually became that person that I always thought disgusting…I actually discovered I had a food addiction.  Many people, my husband included didn’t believe there was even such a thing.  I always said to him, just because you don’t have this problem doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  As an adult, I would put my kids to bed, husband in bed and that was my time to raid the cupboards.   While my kids were in school, I would buy myself lunch…sometimes I would buy 2 sandwiches with the intention of only eating half of each of them and i would devour both whole sandwiches…this was my life.  This is who I am…who I will always be, but it does not have to define who I am!!  Eating is STILL difficult for me, I will always struggle as a former drug addict does, just as a former smoker, alcoholic does!  I want to help those who have been there…with a food addiction but also those who are plagued with disease and let them know that they CAN do something other than take medication to help their current problems.

I look back and I see myself turning to food as a comfort.  I am a stay at home mom and my husband really doesn’t want me to work, we really don’t need me to.  I felt lonely, and I really have not had many true friendships for many years so the food was my friend.  This is still a struggle for me at times, I must admit.

My turn around point came when I looked at a picture of myself from 6 yrs ago.  I had lost a few pounds since then but the picture made me cringe.  Wow, I looked terrible. I also looked pregnant when I certainly was NOT.  I keep this picture in my purse at all times so I can just look at it and remind myself that I do NOT want to get back to that!   I had read some books, in years past but never really thought getting rid of animal products would really matter. It was not exactly an easy transition, but, I must tell you…my experience has been fantastic!  Anytime I get off and splurge…boy can I feel a difference.  Even if I just have a few cookies (made with butter), it amazes me how tired I feel, bellyache, headache.

I have to encourage you to give this a chance.  Go plant strong for 3 weeks…see how you feel.  Yes, on the 3rd day or so, you may go through some withdrawal, but you will be amazed at how clear your mind will be and how light on your feet you will feel…you also will not have that feeling of bloat.  Just give it a try!!  You will NOT regret it!!

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