Raw Cookie Dough Can be Very Dangerous to Your Health

Have you ever been tempted by that nice big bowl of raw cookie dough you were baking?  I can honestly say I definitely have been.  Raw cookie dough is yummy!  But at the same time raw cookie dough can be very dangerous to your health. Isn’t that true with most everything that we eat that tastes great…it being so bad for our health.

In 2009, 77 people were sickened in about 30 states.  These people were hospitalized after consuming raw cookie dough that had been infected with E. coli bacteria.  This outbreak resulted in recalling more than 3.5 million packages of cookie dough.  They don’t know how cookie dough had been contaminated, but they do know for a fact that the cookie dough was the common denominator in all the people being infected with E. coli.  This was the first time cookie dough had been infected with E. coli, unlike the usual culprit of ground beef, raw chicken meat and leafy greens.

Researchers concluded that flour (they suspect flour, but never actually implicated it) is what caused this outbreak.  They came to this conclusion because flour does not go through a process to get rid of possible pathogens.  They are now asking all cookie dough manufacturers to consider using a pasteurized or heat-treated flour so it can be ingested right out of the package.  There are several companies, including nestle that have already made the switch.

Have no fear about cookie dough ice cream!!  Cookie dough used in ice cream is a ready to eat product and is specifically made to be eaten raw.

Please read the package before eating anything…if it says to heat it to a specific temperature, those guidelines are there for your health….not to waste space on the package!!


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  1. This is sad! I don’t have cookie dough often, but when I do have it raw is the only way to go. Just another reason to get cows out of our food supply!

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