Today, We See as Many Ads for Drugs as for Junk Food! Why Have we Become a Pill Popping Nation?

While you are sitting there watching your favorite show on television tonight, watch and count how many of those commercials are for pharmaceutical drugs.  Today, we see as many ads for drugs as we do for junk food.  Why have we become a pill popping nation?

When I was a child, you didn’t see these type of commercials.  I remember when they started advertising for drugs, it was quite odd to see them.  Today, they are more common than not.  So common that my I mentioned the name of one drug advertised and 3 of my kids knew exactly what it is for and repeated the “tag line”.   The advertisements are just as “catchy” as the drug itself.  Many of these drugs that are advertised are very addictive.  Many of our children will grow up thinking it is OK, and if there is something wrong, all they need to do is pop a pill!!

Many health problems people face today can be helped with just changing their diet.  High blood pressure or cholesterol??  Eat more fruits and vegetables (especially those green ones!).  It is amazing how certain foods can change your mood, even your personality!!  if you get out all that processed garbage and increase fresh fruits and vegetables, your body and mind will heal itself.  Our society is eating less and less fresh whole foods and more and more processed and packaged foods.  Even some restaurants are getting out of fresh foods….not only are processed foods quicker, but they are also a bunch cheaper!  Do you really need that free refill of soda?  How about that $5 pizza that many people will eat the whole thing themselves!!  If you cheap out your foods, you will ultimately end up spending much more money on medications and doctor/hospital bills.  I certainly don’t want that….not for me, nor my family!!  Get more whole foods into your diet…if you cannot afford organic (which is best), make sure you wash it well.  Organic or not, increase your plant based foods!!  Make yourself PLANT STRONG!  You will be surprised at the energy you will have, clarity of mind and just feeling good!!  Give it a try, you will NOT regret it!!



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2 responses to Today, We See as Many Ads for Drugs as for Junk Food! Why Have we Become a Pill Popping Nation?

  1. Great post! It is so true. I do think some people do need meds but meds are so overused!

  2. Jill

    Yes, they definitely ARE! I see so many people taking multiple medications~my parents included. I just want to help people to see and feel the difference from increasing fruits and vegetables and getting rid of all of the processed foods full of junk and chemicals!! Thank you for your comment!!

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