The Mighty Mushroom~Not Just Delicious But Also Healthy!

I want to talk about what I call The Mighty Mushroom.  Mushrooms are not just delicious but they are also healthy!  I will admit, I LOVE mushrooms…always have!!  I remember when I was a kid, I used to order side orders of fried mushrooms when our family ate out, sometimes I liked those mushrooms WAY more than my meal!

Fast forward 30 years…I STILL love them!  “Fried”, sauteed, stuffed, any way is great.  As a matter of fact, today I kind of made up my own recipe…not sure what to call it!  I sauteed up onions and garlic, added baby portabello mushrooms, added to it Daiya mozzerella cheeze and tofu ricotta!!  I had this over a baked potato!  This was so yummy and satisfying!  Again tonight, I made burgers for the family and I since I don’t eat that, so I had 2 large portabello caps in the fridge and decided I wanted to make portabello burgers.  YUM!!  I know so many people who do not like mushrooms…I say, send them my way!!

OK, enough about me, let’s talk about the health benefits of these little guys.  Mushrooms are about 80-90% water, they are low in sodium and fat and pretty high in fiber, that is why they are the perfect food for those on diets.  Mushrooms are a great source of potassium, which helps lower blood pressure…in fact 1 medium sized portabello may have more potassium than a banana or a glass of orange juice.    Mushrooms also are high in niacin, riboflavin and selenium.  Button mushrooms also may help in reducing the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.  Shiitake mushrooms have been known to treat colds and flu…they help fight infection!

Add more mushrooms to you day…your body will love you for it!!

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