Comfort Foods~Which Ones are They and Why do They Bring us Comfort!

Comfort Foods~Which Ones are They and Why do They Bring us Comfort!

Comfort Foods are usually high in sugar, carbohydrates and/or fat and usually are more satisfying than other foods offered.  An ideal comfort food supplies us with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction long after eating it.  These foods make us feel better when we are lonely or sad, or to help us remember something from childhood. These comfort foods are (but not limited to) Macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, southern biscuits, chicken noodle soup, etc.

Why do these foods bring us comfort?  It is mainly the carbohydrate that causes us to feel better (for a time).   Have you ever had that mid afternoon crash?  It is NOT pretty.  You consume something high in carbs or sugar and an hour later you feel tired, groggy and feel like you want to bite off someone’s head.~GRRR!

When we teach our kids to “Just say NO”, we are teaching them to say no to drugs, so why are we not teaching them to say no to those foods that are processed in a plant (those are the foods that are the most addictive).  Which can you see someone binging on…broccoli or potato chips?  Of course you will say potato chips.  It’s so much easier to tell someone to just stop doing wrong.  Nobody chooses to be hooked on heroin, just as nobody chooses to be fat!!  Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and caffeine all are biologically addictive, just as certain foods are also addictive.

Please read more on food addictions here by Dr. Mark Hyman.  You can find some scientific evidence of food being addicting here on this page.  Do you remember the movie Super Size Me?  If not, go watch it…and watch what that food does to Morgan Spurlock…watch his moods and his body changing.

This link will take you to Rudd  Center for Food Policy and Obesity, this is a valid “food addiction” scale.

Check out these great resources and come back to read my next article…I will give you a little insight into my food addiction with comfort foods!!

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