Check Out Dr. Greger at For Some Great Information on Nutrition and Health!

Do you have some questions about nutrition?  With all the information out there…and most of it contradicting, where do you go for advice?  Check out Dr. Greger at for some great information on nutrition and health!

You can check out his blog here as well as many short videos you can watch and learn very important information.  If you are looking for information on Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer (many types), etc…as well as information on foods like cheese, juice, chicken, cocoa, etc. you have to check out  Dr. Greger touches on different age related issues, he talks about issues that are hereditary and others that can be prevented with diet.  Here is a video about Plant Based Nutrition…check it out here:

Please take the time to check out this wonderful website…and do your own research.  you owe it to yourself as well as all of those you love!!  This website is a great go-to site to do much of your own research!!

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  1. A message of thanks from Hi Jill! Dr. Greger asked me to send along his sincere appreciation–thank you so much for promoting again. really is the first non-commercial, science-based website to provide free daily video updates on the latest in nutrition research, and we’d love for more people to take advantage of it.

    Here are some ways people can get connected:

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    Thank you again for this post! Your blog is awesome. 🙂

    In health,
    Jennifer, from

    • Jill

      Thank you so much! You don’t know how much this means to me. I am still very much learning how to live plant strong and many times I struggle, but it is so very worth the effort!! I want to share all I learn with those I love!
      I love watching your videos and learning from them! I have shared your site with quite a few people and will continue to do so!!

      Have a blessed day~
      Jill 🙂

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