Chia Seeds~Nutrient Powerhouse Packed in a Tiny Seed!

Chia Seeds~Nutrient Powerhouse Packed in a  Tiny Seed!! Chia seeds may promote Cardiovascular and Digestive health.

I had heard about these little guys for some time now but had actually never tried them.  I just happened upon them at the grocery store the other day and decided I should try them.  They really are rather tasteless so they will be masked in any food you put them in.  And Yes, these are the same little seeds you see advertised every holiday season as Chia pets!!  Dr. Oz talked about these little guys and the greatness of them for weight loss, especially for those who are over age 50!  Give them a try…you will LOVE them!

The best part about this little seed is how very nutritious they are!  Chia seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids (more than salmon), Phosphorous, Calcium (more than milk), Magnesium (more than broccoli), Antioxidants (more than blueberries), Fiber (more than flax seed), Protein (biologically complete), Iron (more than spinach), Potassium, Zinc and more.  Chia seeds are Gluten free, Kosher, Trans fat free, Sugar free, Non GMO, Low Glycemic index, Great for weight loss, Meets a vegetarian/vegan standards for diet, Low in saturated fat, Low in carbohydrates, Excellent for hydration AND Cholesterol free!!!  All this in an amazingly small grain.

*Chia seed was one of the main components of the Aztec diet for over 3500 years.  Aztec warriors subsisted on chia seed during their battles and hunting expeditions, eating as little as a small handful added into water.  It is a high energy food and all you need it water.  Omega 3 Chia Seeds were selected because of they are highest in omega 3, antioxidants, fiber and other necessary nutrients.  Omega 3 Chia Seeds have soluble fiber that forms a gel that slows the absorption of sugar/carbohydrates into the blood stream.  This makes it a low glycemic food.  ~This was taken right from my container of chia seeds from the brand name Omega 3 Chia Seeds!

You really ought to try these amazing little guys!  Add them to cereal, yogurt, any baked goods, burgers,  pizza, soups, salads, smoothies….basically anything that you eat.  When added to soups,  smoothies or any other drink you can watch as these little seeds become hydrated and “gel” making your soup or smoothie thicker.

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