If You Know Anything About Nutrition…I am Sure You Will NOT Agree That Pizza is a Vegetable!

In the news this past week, everyone is talking about pizza and whether or not it should be considered a vegetable. But, if you know anything about nutrition…I am sure you do not agree that pizza is a vegetable.  Check out the article here.

Sure, pizza can be healthy if is made with the right ingredients…but, white flour for dough, and all the cheese and fat in the ingredients are NOT healthy!  Sure you can load a pizza with lots of great vegetables, but which kids that you know actually eat vegetables on their pizza??  Not mine (at least not most of mine!)!

Schools want to call pizza a vegetable….but what is that really teaching our kids?  Seriously, it is our job as parents and caregivers to teach our kids about nutrition but there are so many children out there who’s parents either do not teach them because they are busy or most of them don’t know themselves.  I am speaking from experience…I only learned about nutrition this year.  Yes, it is difficult to help a child learn these very important facts…especially when they are in middle and high school, but we need to take a stand.  Even if we cannot change what is happening in our country, we can change what is happening in our family!!  One life at a time….start with those you love!!


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