Switching to Plant Strong Diet in Only 3 Short Weeks~A Testimony of a Dear Friend of Mine!

A dear friend of mine sent me a message telling me of some of the changes she has experienced in her short time of only 3 weeks of switching to a plant strong diet.  She has always had a healthy family…nutrition and exercise was part of their life with a husband and 2 children.  Her daughter has some severe allergies…and has to live with them daily…she has had many scares with coming in contact to foods she is allergic to (dairy, peanuts).  She told me “Thank you for starting a chain reaction!”!  I am thrilled to help others…and want to continue to do so.  Please share this story with as many people as you’d like.  This Plant Strong thing, really works!!

Here is her story in a nutshell….Enjoy!!!

Oct. 19th I had an routine physical and blood work done.  I mentioned my asthma was worse recently since I broke my toe in mid August and I had stopped my daily jog with my husband.  Knowing it had only been two months since the injury, I was began drinking whole milk thinking I was doing myself good to heal that broken bone in my toe.  Well it backfired, and I had gained a few – definitely unwanted pounds!  The little pouch of fat was now located under my rib cage and was pushing into my lung cavity when I sat, causing my breathing to be the opposite of asthma but subtle. (Asthma is easy to go in lungs but hard to push out, what I had now was hard to breath in and easy to push out.)  

The Dr. knew right away that I had Pickwickian Syndrome, a disease caused by obesity!  He said I am ONE of the lucky few who are so attuned to recognize it this early!  At 37 and active daily, with pristine lab work with great numbers every time I sat in shock, with determination and resolve to fix it!  He said if I lost 10-15 lbs my breathing would no longer be labored.  He wrote me a script which stated, “Loose 10-15 lbs for breathing to improve.”

It this point I had been reading, The China Study and Forks Over Knives. My family and I watched the DVD of Forks Over Knives and began our plant strong way of life.  Three weeks after my visit to the Dr for a routine physical I have lost a little over ten pounds.  Switching to plant strong meals, has changed the way I view food.  Gone are the cravings for sweets, and my daughter mentioned out of the blue that her sweet tooth is gone!  I can’t believe how much fun I am having menu planing, and how good I feel.

This morning for breakfast as I write I am spooning a blend of bananas, strawberries, blueberries, into my mouth with 2tsp. of Berry Green (20 organic vegetables in powder form, and has 10 probiotics for good health).  As my one child says,…nom, nom.  

I wanted to share this with you because there are so many people who suffer unnecessarily with Pickwickian Syndrome.  I refuse to be one of them.  Who knew that I was so close to that imaginary line, and a broken toe would make me inactive for just long enough for the beast to rear it’s ugly head!  If anyone has a hard time breathing or better known as catching ones breath, and you can pinch one inch of tummy fat just under your rib cage when you sit, go see your doctor.  My Dr. said most people don’t realize they have it until much later on in their life, and by then they’ve been overweight for years and sit above the 30% BMI.  I weigh 172 now, and the weight is just dropping off.  I am quite pleasantly surprised, because I am eating a TON, berries, dark green veggies, nuts, beans, whole grains, all colors from the rainbow!   


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  1. This is a fantastic story. I am glad that you posted it and I am glad your friend wrote it!

    • Jill

      Thank you!!! I promised i wouldn’t use her name, but it is amazing how quickly we can see changes. I see so many awesome stories, but this really hit so close to home and I just had to share!!

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