Who is at a Healthier Weight…Omnivores, Flexitarians, Vegetarians or Vegans?

We all like to believe we are healthy.  We think because we eat healthy, that makes us healthy.  What kind of diet or lifestyle do you think is healthy?  But who is at a healthier weight?  Omnivores (meat eaters), Flexitarians (occasionally eat meat-most of the time vegetarian), Vegetarian (no meat) or Vegan (no animal products).

So often, I hear people say things like…I eat healthy…I only eat the lean meats…I don’t eat red meat…I don’t eat meat, but do need my milk (or cheese, or whatever else I could never give up)!  I must admit, I still make up excuses…that is why this is a lifestyle, it is a huge transition that I am making.  Even though I am about 80% vegan, I still fall off the wagon and eat meat or something else…like ice cream or eggs…I am human and I am not nor will I ever be perfect.  Neither will any one of us!!

Studies have proven that there is a difference in the weight of people who eat a specific “diet”.  Meat eaters seem to be heavier…even obese, while vegans are on the other side of the spectrum…they tend to be leaner, at a healthier body weight.  Check out this short video by Dr. Michael Greger at nutritionfacts.org.  Dr. Greger has so much great information on this website, please feel free to browse…look at any issues that may pertain to you or a loved one.  I promise, you will find some great information!!

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