The Jazzy Vegetarian~”Making the World a Better Place, ONE RECIPE at a Time”, Now on Public Television!

Laura Theodore is also known as The Jazzy Vegetarian.  Her motto is, “Making the world a better place, one recipe at a time!”.  Laura makes some fantastic recipes and she is now on public television showing all of us her recipes!!  As of October 2011 there will be 13 episodes of her 30 minute program.

Laura shows step by step how to make some very tasty recipes that are healthy!!  Her recipes look so very good, even a meat eater will like them!  She uses animal products in her recipes, but don’t let that scare you one bit, give her a chance!!

Check out this link to see when you can see The Jazzy Vegetarian’s show.  To see a sneak peak of episode one…check it out here!  And if you check out this link, you just might get a hankering for Festive Zucchini Lasagna (scroll down for the recipe), like I did!!

Laura has a wonderful website that you can take some time looking at.  Check it out…as well as her blog here.  She has a lot  in store for you!  Enjoy!!!

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