Ice Cream~Quick, Easy and Healthy, and Only 1 Ingredient!

Who DOESN’T like ice cream?  Can you imagine ice cream that is quick, easy and healthy…and it is made with only 1 ingredient? Do you think “healthy” ice cream would taste terrible?  Well, I must tell you….you are wrong!!

That 1 magical ingredient is a BANANA!!  Cut up banana’s into thick slices and put in freezer.  Once frozen solid, throw it into your blender and whip it up.  This is the creamiest ice cream you could ever imagine that has zero added calories from fat, sweeteners or other ingredients!!!  You’ve probably had a frozen banana before (dipped in chocolate), you really must try this!!  Of course, you don’t need to stop at just that banana.  You can always add whatever you like to the blender, add a tablespoon of peanut butter, or honey, or how about a tablespoon of cocoa powder….use anything that is natural.  Add some non dairy milk and make it into a milk shake.  This is so good and you can do something different every day!!  But, of course the plain banana is very refreshing!!

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