Birke Baehr on our Food System….He Knows Far More Than Me and He’s Just 11!!

Wow!!  I am in awe at the knowledge of this kid!!  Birke Baehr is a home schooled 11 yr old who really knows about the present state of our food.  Birkes’ speech is about our food system…he knows far more than me and he is just 11 yrs old!  He talks about pesticides, herbicides, and GMO’s like he has been doing so for years!!  This is exactly what I have been wanting to share with my friends and family…please watch his speech and get educated!!  He talks about growing your own food and buying local!  With farmers markets popping up everywhere, there is no reason why you cannot find one!!

What Birke focuses on is mainly the politics involved with our food system!!  Some of the things they are doing to our food is plain old SCARY!!

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