Trainer Gains Weight to Gain Knowledge of the Life of an Obese Person!

Drew Manning is a personal trainer.  He decided that he wanted to gain knowledge of the life of an obese person, personally see what an obese person goes through on a daily basis. He decided to take 6 months and quit eating healthy…instead, his diet during those 6 months has contained the what the average person eats today, processed foods, packaged foods, soda, snack foods, etc.  During this time, he is also cutting out his exercise habits.  After the first 6 months, he is planning on getting back to his lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising for another 6 months so he can be inspiration to those who struggle daily with weight problems.

Drew decided after being told my many people that he could not understand what it is like to be unhealthy…and be addicted to foods.  He admittedly said that he has no idea…he has always been fit, into sports and is a personal trainer.  He has made the decision to live the life of an unhealthy person, he is tracking daily how he feels physically and emotionally.  Check out his website

I think this is a great thing he is doing, I would totally understand what it is like to live unhealthy, that has been my life for more than 30 years.  You can also follow Drew on Twitter.  I will be watching Drew as he transforms his life…first in a bad way, then as he goes back to a healthy lifestyle.  I believe he will be learning alot and understanding how our bodies could become addicted to some foods we eat.

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