Not Always Easy to go Plant Strong for a Former Food Addict…but it is Well Worth it!

My life before going plant strong….wasn’t always pretty.  I was a serious food addict!  I would make sure everyone was in bed before I raided the kitchen shelves.  I would eat because I was bored, I would eat because I was celebrating something, I would eat while I was stressed, I would eat because I was going through some major stress.  I could polish off a whole bag of chips without a second thought.  The thoughts of food were always consuming me.  If we had plans to go away, I always thought, “what are we going to eat?”.  This is embarrassing to admit, but hopefully someone will relate to this and realize that they are not alone…but my friend and I were heading to a Ladies Retreat for our church….on the way there, that is one of the major things I was wondering, what on earth are we going to eat?!

I have since changed my mindset for the most part…and that is not a feat i have done on my own, it is God that has changed that.

I began this plant strong lifestyle in April on 2011…so this is still fairly new to me; especially since I have fallen off the bandwagon many times.  I need to always remember to get right back up and brush myself off.  I do NOT want to be the person i was all those years…hiding my food, eating behind closed cupboards…and putting back on the 50 lbs I have since lost.  I did not lose 50 lbs just by going plant strong…although it IS possible, mine has come off slowly.  I get discouraged and pile stuff in my mouth only to ask myself afterwards, WHY?!  so, to answer your question, Yes, I do fall…..many times, but I am human and am trying to continue to be an over-comer.

Being a food addict will always be with me…just as those who have other addictions…alcohol, smoking, drugs will always have that behind them and they will at times want to give in to temptation.

A great book to look into and read about why some foods are so addicting (like milk, cheese, meat, chocolate) is Dr. Neal Barnard’s book Breaking the Food Seduction.  Dr. Barnard is on doctor whom I have been following for months now….check out PCRM.

“The willful decision to see how much one can cheat and get by; how much one can straddle the fence, or how much one can habitually overeat . . . . and still keep the addiction eradicated . . . . that’s what I’m referring to as being the next-to-impossible feat to accomplish.   It can’t be done!  I repeat ~ it can’t be done.”  This came from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s blog you can see the whole article here.  Dr. Fuhrman is a great doctor who I respect and have been learning a great deal from.

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