Ooey Gooey Cheese….How it can sabatoge your health!

I have always LOVED cheese!!  Going to cheese shops and finding the one that was just right was what I called fun…not to mention extremely yummy!

Did you know that cheese is 70% fat?  It’s no wonder when looking at statistics that go back to 1909 that our cheese consumption has gone from 3.8 lbs of cheese per person to 34 lbs or more per person today!  It’s also no wonder why obesity is skyrocketing!!  Cheese has as much cholesterol as a steak and cheese is very high in sodium as well.

Many of us as parents want what is best for our families…but we unknowingly feed these kinds of foods to our children.  Please educate yourself on cheese and help the ever growing obesity epidemic in our children.  I know, but cheese has calcium…but that same calcium can come from many other foods….oatmeal, orange juice, figs, almonds, soy milk, rice milk, greens and beans are just a few of the wonderful plant based foods that we can be eating and feeding our children that are high in calcium.

Many people think they could never kick the cheese habit…but it could be one of the best decisions you could make for your waistline as well as your coronary arteries.  The easiest way to break this habit is by giving your body a 3 week break from cheese.  No cheese at all for 21 days, after that time you will see yourself begin to lose weight and feel better.  After that time, you will wonder why you had such an addiction…and yes, that is what it is…an addiction!  In the beginning, it will not be entirely easy…but find yourself better foods to feed yourself.  Change your life and your health….Kick the cheese habit!!

The 21 Day Kickstart program is fantastic, and they send you supportive information as well as recipes and helpful tips.  Give it a try, you owe it to your health!!

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