My Food Processor Rocks!!

OK, it doesn’t rock that much…..but when I graduate to a bigger one, that one will rock for sure!!

In July, after going plant strong…I decided to buy myself a food processor.  Boy was it a great investment…but is $30 really an investment?!  It has done it’s job for sure!  I have been telling my kids that what I need for Christmas is a newer…much bigger food processor.  I think I use my food processor every day!  Since I have a family of 6 to feed, I think a bigger one will be super!  Yesterday, I was making baked oatmeal…YUM!  I used tofu and coconut milk instead of eggs and milk.  The recipe said to put the tofu and the milk in the food processor and give it a whirl (not in those words exactly).  I did….and I am lucky it didn’t make a bigger mess….because mine has only a 2 cup capacity, the milk came out the top AND bottom!!  Pictured is the food processor I aspire to get…..hopefully one of my kids will be reading this!!!

Oh, well…I guess I will have to see what Santa brings me this year!!

What’s your favorite kitchen appliance? I would love to hear your thoughts and what you use it for!!

Have a Beautiful Sun Shiny day!!!


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