Should We Be Worried About Listeria?

What is Listeria?

A type of bacterium (Listeria monocytogenes) that infects humans and other
warm-blooded animals through contaminated food.

Listeria bacteria likes to grow in moist, muddy places and are often carried by animals.

Let’s get one thing straight…listeria poisoning is rare, but it is more deadly than salmonella, E coli, and other pathogens.  Listeria is more dangerous because it is more aggressive than the others.  The bacteria can attack muscle tissue and spinal cord which can resemble meningitis, this is why there are more deaths from listeria than any other food borne illness.  The incubation period can be more than a month.

This is some real scary stuff.  Many of the illness that are caused by what foods we eat, are a result of animals.  Yes, this listeria stuff lives in the soil…but where do our livestock leave their excretements???  You got it, in our soil!!

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