Did You Know, Sugar Helps Cancer Cells GROW?

Here is a good reason to cut the sugar out of your diet!!!

Cancer LOVES Sugar!  Sugar does not CAUSE cancer, but it does feed it.  Our bodies need sugar, but we can feed our bodies sugar that comes straight from the foods we eat and it sure will be a much safer way to go!

Cancer cells metabolize through fermentation.  That’s right, fermentation needs sugar to produce that fine bottle of wine. Cancer cells require sugar to grow, if you cut sugar out of your diet, you will halt the growth of the cancer cells…they will starve!!  These cancer cells will die because they need to be fed.  Studies show that where there is cancer in the body, there will not be oxygen found!

There are many “diets” out there that will tell you to eat plant based diets, and those do not allow added sugars on the plan.

Wouldn’t you rather take sugar out of your diet instead on your body requiring chemicals from drugs or chemotherapy?  I sure would rather heal my body with food….not let that food kill me!!   


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