Schools Cutting Use of Potatoes…..This is Sad!

I cannot believe what I just read….well, I guess it does NOT shock me, it just makes me very mad.  Here is the article I saw today.

Our government wants to take potatoes completely out of our children’s school breakfasts and cut down their limit their lunch potatoes to just 2 to 3 days a week.  That is just 1 cup of potatoes a week!!  They are saying that this is due to the fact that while potatoes cause obesity.  Sorry, it is not the plant carb that causes obesity…it is the processed carbs that can be found in the: pizza crust, corn dog breading, buns for the hot dog and cheeseburgers as well as the chicken nuggets.  How about those “fresh” fruit cups.  Do you really want me to believe they are NOT filled with added sugars and chemicals?!

I have here my son’s lunch menu (elementary school) for this week…the lunches are as follows:

Monday~chicken strips, roll, mashed potatoes, assorted fruit/fresh fruit and milk.  Tuesday~Manwich sloppy joe sandwich, fresh veggies and dip assorted fruit, milk Wednesday~toasted cheese sandwich, soup, assorted fruit, milk                              Thursday~Pasta with meat sauce, breadstick, tossed salad, assorted fruit, milk   Friday~mexican pizza, tossed salad, assorted fruit, milk

The ONLY thing on this menu that I see could be healthy is the salad and fresh veggies…but you know just as well as I do that our kids will drench that salad and veggies with ranch dressing~still healthy?  Probably not!!

Yes, the potato is getting a bad rap!  Sure, those french fries are TERRIBLE for our kids, but does that really mean to totally take out the potato?  Maybe someone should actually cook real FRESH foods.  I really don’t think I am alone on this one…does that menu actually look healthy to you?  We really need to do something about this.  I usually don’t even allow my kids to eat the foods from the school but there are many kids who have no choice….let’s try to help these kids.

There has been a lot of info coming from Jamie Oliver…he is fantastic and trying to turn around our country and the foods that are being served in our schools.


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