Why Not Let Children be Children….Treat Their Disorders with Food….NOT Medication!

I wanted so badly to write about this yesterday but didn’t know where to begin.

Today I saw an article on CNN…it is difficult to imagine that 1 in 70 preschoolers are medicated~taking a psychiatric drug, such as a stimulant, an antidepressant, a mood stabilizer, an antipsychotic, or an antianxiety drug.  Doctors have been medicating children for decades for ADD and ADHD, but this preschool age is new and on the rise.  I am saddened for all the children who are affected.  About 1 in every 5, 13-18 year olds have some kind of mental disorder (anxiety, mood, disruptive…)….the rise of use of medications to help children is on the rise.

Are drugs the best way to help our children?

Within the last couple days, I have spoken with 2 different mom’s about their children being on medication.  They have been told that some foods should be taken out of their diets…one of these moms told me that it is so much more expensive to treat them with eliminating some foods and incorporating more plant based foods.

There were 14 studies done on children who suffered with ADHD.  In 10 of those studies, the symptoms the children experienced had improved with additive free diets and/or certain foods.  The other children showed signs of more irritability and such when they ate foods with dyes in them…or corn, wheat, milk, soy, oranges, eggs or chocolate.  A small number of children are not affected by these food changes…but the majority of these children will respond well, in fact the child who is put on an additive free diet more often than not will return to normal.

Expense or not….these are our children!!  Children are gifts given to us, our job is to protect them.  For some it is a matter of not being educated, for others it is solely out of selfishness….it takes time and effort to figure out what foods to take out and what to continue with, and many of us don’t have or take the time to look into it.

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