Apple Juice is Not the Only Thing Laced with Arsenic….Now it’s Chicken!!

Apple juice isn’t the only thing that can be laced with arsenic…tonight I found out it’s in our chicken.  Seriously!  You may be ingesting up to 15x more arsenic from chicken than that apple juice.

Arsenic is a human carcinogen, and is also associated with increased risks of several noncancer endpoints, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neuropathy, and neurocognitive deficits in children, according to Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and the EPA.

Can you believe that chickens are actually fed arsenic?  When you have 10,000 or more chicken crammed together in a windowless coop and filthy and wandering in their own poop, they can have many internal parasites.  Arsenic is used to not only kill those bugs but also, arsenic causes a dramatic growth increase in these chickens.  Arsenic also helps keep the flesh of the chicken nice and pink….which many people prefer.

You  can read the whole article at by Dr. Michael Greger.


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