Lack of Sleep and Over Indulgence is a Recipe for Feeling Sick

What a weekend, I had!

This past weekend, good sleep was quite rare.  Saturday night, I worked at my catering job which meant being on my feet for 7 hours and this was after a night on Friday of very poor sleep.  When I don’t sleep well, I can guarantee myself that my eating the next day will be just as poor.  I am not setting myself for disaster saying this….it just always happens that way.

Sunday, I went to a dinner for my dad’s retiree club to celebrate 25 years for this club.  The food was delicious….but NOTHING was on plan with my new lifestyle.  I have been about 80-90% vegan lately, but yesterday ummm, that was another story.  Quite frankly, I did not want to spend $30 on a dinner ticket and just eat raw veggies!!  So, I decided it would be a cheat day….now THAT was setting myself up for disaster…starting with my one and only drink…a kahlua and cream.  Then came appetizers, crab cakes and bacon wrapped water chestnuts (these used to be my FAVE).  Dinner was Beef, Pork, Fettuccine Alfredo and Pasta with Marinara sauce.  OK, the pasta with marinara would have been my best choice…but did i choose that?  Of course not, I just had to have the beef!!  I also had peppers and onion that had been cooked with Italian Sausage…no i did not eat the sausage.  Later on in the evening we had a house full of people and the food that was shared was a dill dip made with sour cream (with veggies) which of course I ate and i indulged with a piece of coffee cake made with yogurt.  this may not sound like I did totally horrible, but I must tell you that within an hour, my belly was beginning to feel quite heavy.  I have not eaten beef since possible in March and the dairy I believed overwhelmed my body.  This morning (Monday) I feel like I have a hang over and am sluggish with a headache, and extremely exhausted.

In the 6 months I have been following a healthful plan that is plant strong, I have had only a few of those days of “indulgence”.  Why is it called indulging when you make yourself feel like total crap later?  Have I learned my lesson….I hope so but not likely.  Will I mess up again….most likely!  I am human and I did give up a lot of foods that I love(d).  Even when they still taste so entirely yummy….I can totally feel what it does to my body!

I will get right back on that band wagon and continue on my path to health!  I hope you will to!!  Have a great day!

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