Helpful Tips to Help You Transition to a Plant Strong Diet

Transitioning to a Plant Strong lifestyle, will take strong dedication.  This transition is NOT hard, but it is definitely something that will take commitment and a willingness to change to be successful.

Most people say that some small changes are best to start out with.  For me, I had been hearing this great information for years and finally decided to make the changes needed.  Yes for me, it was drastic.  I decided to take out not only meat, fish and poultry, but also eggs and dairy.  As well as cutting all that, I also cut my sugar consumption (which has creeped itself back in….need to work on that!), and most oils.  I will not lie and say it was super easy, but it really only changed a strong mind to change and following through with what I knew was best for my body.  I didn’t make these changes because I am an animal lover…although I DO love animals.  I didn’t make these changes because I am a tree hugger…although I DO think we need to take better care of this great planet we live on.  I made these changes because I see disease everywhere I go, including my own family.  We have heart disease in my family more than anything else but there is also diabetes in my husband’s family so it is I really owe it to my kids to make some changes for our family.

Change could start with what ever you and your family eat the most, whatever you love.  Just make some changes in that.  Use whole wheat pasta instead of plain pasta.  Add veggies to your pasta dishes instead of chicken.  Small changes like these will make a huge difference.  Use fruit in your hot cereals instead of butter or sweeteners.  When making pancakes, use whole wheat flour instead of regular, and add some ground up flaxseed.  Top your pancakes with pureed fruit instead of syrups and butter.

Try different types of milk to find what you like~Soy, Almond, Rice.  Give it a chance, trying it once and turning up your nose is NOT giving it a good try.  It usually takes a person 7 times to try something to really have a good idea of what they think.

When making dinner, what do you usually smell….not necessarily the meat cooking, it is usually the onion, garlic, mushrooms, etc.  You can cook without added fat…sauteing can be done with vegetable broth or water (it totally works great).

Soups that have no animal can be fantastic.  If you use a blender for part of your soup and puree it, it make a creamier texture that will feel more comforting and it will taste much richer.  Check out the recipe for Cream of Broccoli Deluxe on my recipe page.

When wanting a snack, try a piece of fresh fruit…plain vegetables can be boring but make some home made hummus with no added oils, or home made guacamole.

The choices can be endless.  There are some great recipe books and websites that have been extremely helpful while transitioning to a plant strong lifestyle….and will forever use them.

Happy Herbivore

VegWeb-This is a great resource to finding some great recipes.

The Forks Over Knives Companion Book

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