Is Arsenic Found in our Apple Juice? Studies say YES!

I cannot believe what I learned today…tests have found that some of the leading brands of apple juice have been found to have arsenic!  Yes, you heard right!  60%of our apples that are used in our products come from other countries that do not have the same guidelines as the United States.

What is arsenic?  Arsenic is a poisonous chemical that is often found in pesticides and it is a known carcinogen.  It is highly toxic and it causes cancer.  Cancer has been known to cause cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, liver and prostate according to the EPA.  Some of the side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and blindness.

We have a small percentage of arsenic in our drinking water, which is unavoidable.  Many people have reduced their intake of red meat, only to consume more chicken and fish.  This actually can increase your risk of consuming arsenic because it exists in the bodies of the chicken we eat, as well as the water supply that the fish swim in.

OK, lets get back to our apple juice, many of our apples that is used in apple juice are actually from China, Argentina and Brazil.  These apples are sprayed with pesticide containing arsenic, then they are pressed to get out the juice concentrate.  This concentrate is then shipped to our country and added to our water which already contains some arsenic.  Only 2% of what comes into our country is actually inspected…2% of all food that comes into our country!  WOW!

The leading companies are saying there are small amounts of arsenic in their products…but the tests say otherwise!  Please check out this great video by Dr. Oz on this topic!!  You will be shocked and disgusted to find out this very important information!!!

I beg you to watch these videos and get informed.  This is scary stuff!  This is what we are giving our children and grandchildren to drink.  This does NOT mean we should totally not drink apple juice, it just means we need to use care when shopping.  Our kids will not get cancer from drinking apple juice…but the risks are higher for later on down the road when they are adults.  I know juicing on your own is pricey, but you will know exactly where your apples come from.  If you can’t get a juicer, make sure to buy organic apple juice, you will save on your health later!!!  I urge you to do your own homework….research this topic so you will be educated.  I am NOT a professional….I just write what I learn.  Organic is always better!!


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