Shocking Rate of Increase of Consumption of Meat, Dairy and Sugar.

I was shocked to say the least when I learned just how much we Americans eat.  Not just anything, but mainly meat, dairy and sugar consumption.

Of course, our population has also increased but with the increase of people, came the increase in consumption of meat, dairy and sugar.  With the increase of consumption of these things, came the increase of disease!

*Near the start of the 20th century, Americans each ate about 120 lbs if meat per year.  By 2007, we ate about 222 lbs.

*About 1913, Americans ate about 40 lbs of processed sugar per person.  By 1999, it had increased to 147 lbs per person.

*About 1909, Americans ate about 294 lbs of dairy products per person.  By 2006, that number was over double…605 lbs of dairy per person!!

*This information came from the companion book to Forks Over Knives.

I am shocked as well as disgusted that this is where we have gotten.  It also saddens me to see so many people suffering from many health issues that has been proven to be linked to nutrition.  I want so badly to see us take a stand and save ourselves as well as those we love.  Seeing my loved ones sick, and continue to harm themselves unknowingly makes me sad.

Lee Fulkerson is the writer and director of Forks Over Knives.  He, himself was not a healthy eater until he too, went on a plant based diet.  After 13 weeks, Lee lost 20 lbs, his blood pressure dropped from 142/82 down to 112/70, his total cholesterol went from 241 down to 154 and his bad cholesterol (LDL) went down from 157 to 80.  His inflammation in his heart went from 6 down to 2.8.

Now you tell me that a plant based diet is not safe, or the fact that a person will not be healthy on a plant based diet!!  Here is proof…give it a try.  You owe it to yourself!!!

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3 responses to Shocking Rate of Increase of Consumption of Meat, Dairy and Sugar.

  1. I’m learning more about the high cost and pain of eating animal based products. Movies, documentaries, vegan book authors and friends have really encouraged me to reduce animal based products from my own daily diet. I’m now only drinking soy milk and have eliminated most other cow-dairy products from my diet. I’ve suffered from lactose intolerance for years, but the past couple months have been the worst. Thanks for the info here and I look forward to more sources & personal experiences soon!

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  3. Andrew

    I saw the movie Forks Over Knives. Of course, I could not believe it. I have seen other movies like before, but like anything, I need successive impacts before I really change. Because I am stubborn and hard-headed. Wonder why I didn’t do it before. I guess I had all these pre-conceived notions about diet and protein. I wanted to be big and I thought protein was the way. But all this cancer. totally believe it is from our trend of too much, ever-increasing dairy, refined sugar and meat. I am happier being lighter. I feel better. I have heard these words from others before, and it did not really register. I just had to suffer in life being heavy, unwell, anxious, sweaty, not thinking clearly, being tired a lot. I was thinking that it was horrible to grow old and be fat. Now, I know that I don’t have to grow old and fat. You eat this kind of diet, and you will start living because I know what I feel now and I know how I felt in the past. I have had my share of meat and sugar, so I don’t miss it and I don’t crave it. I look in the mirror and say, darn, I’m fifty. But I don’t look it, and I don’t feel it. I like looking younger.

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