Why You Should NOT be Afraid of Soy!!

There are many people out there who think soy is more harmful than good.  I have brought this up to people I highly respect.  I posted a question on a forum by PCRM and they gave me a link to an article on just that topic.

I have been told for a long time that soy is not a good thing.  When I was pregnant with my son, I was told to be very careful not to drink or eat anything with soy products (soy milk, tofu, etc.) because it can negatively effect the testosterone level in males.  So, at that time, I refrained from consuming soy products.  Recently, it was brought to my attention again, since I have cut out all animal products from my diet.  I am still very new to this and don’t have the right “ammunition” to come back with facts, so I go back to the professionals.  Soy products are beneficial for breast cancer as well as other cancers.  Also, one major concern many people talk about is how soy can effect fertility in men, this is not true.  Please educate yourself on this issue.

Here is a link to this fantastic article.  If you would rather watch a video…this is also from the PCRM.  Do your own research…remember these are medical professionals who have had far more education in nutrition than the average doctor.

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