Day 1 of 21 Day Vegan Kickstart!

Today started the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart to a vegan lifestyle.  Yes I have been following this lifestyle since the beginning of April, but I have found some not so healthy alternatives the last month or so.  You will get recipes and tips as well as support.  If you have any questions, I am sure I could get your question answered even if I don’t know the answer.

Anyhow, I decided today I would make this a new beginning for me!  I try to keep it in my mind that if I make a blunder one day…it is OK, tomorrow is another day.  But lately I tell myself, not that tomorrow is another day…but my next meal is a fresh start, why wait until tomorrow?  In the past I would always use that “oops” as  free range for me to ruin the rest of the day.  I have lost about 50 lbs…so if I mess up, I will NOT let myself go crazy the rest of the day.  I think of myself 50 lbs ago or even worse, look at a picture…and that in itself is motivation!!

Anyhow, for you who don’t know what the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart is, it is a fantastic opportunity for people to challenge themselves to cut out all animal products for 21 days.  Seriously, 21 days is NOT long~3 weeks is definitely doable!!  When I first began a plant based diet, I did a 28 day challenge and it has lasted this long!!  I loved the way I felt just 1 week into the challenge.  Sure, the first few days off dairy and/meat is not easy, nor will I lie to you.  It really isn’t that difficult though.  You might have some symptoms of withdrawal…and that is because dairy and meat (just like chocolate) are addictive!  Just like drugs, there are addictive qualities in some of the foods we eat.  For years I have thought that I had some kind of addiction to food…and it is proven that some people DO.  I know for a fact I was one of them.  Once your body is cleansed and off those addictive foods, it is amazing how much clearer your mind is as well as how light on your feet you will feel.  Your skin and hair will benefit tremendously, as will your body.  If you have weight to lose, you will do so.  Check out this kickstart.  There are a few others that you could look into, I would encourage everyone to try this to cleanse their body!!

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