Newsweek Magazine Article-One Word can Save Your Life – “NO”

This is a fantastic article about health care screenings and tests that really cause more concern than they should.  Most of these tests can cause false positives, and other times the disease (ie. breast cancer) has already grown past where it can be beneficial to have it removed.  Please read-it can save your life and those you love!!

Pointed out is heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer and many other screenings for disease and disorders.  Often they pick up things that really aren’t problematic and can cause you to go in for more tests which can cause stress as well as the money involved for the treatment.

Read on…this article is packed with great information that most likely you did not know.  I sure didn’t.

I got this information from a newsletter from Dr. McDougall’s newsletter.  Dr. McDougall is another that I have been following, fantastic man who has seen and proven that a diet based on plants, can and will prevent disease.

Please give a plant based diet a chance, your health will thank you!!!

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