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You seriously need to check out the website

Vegan Gal :: Jill Ovnik :: Change Your Food, Change Your Life - Vegetarian DVD

Jill is a vegan.   She gives us the knowledge she has learned through the years.  She is not a doctor or a dietitian but has the facts.  She has a fantastic story to tell about her past and how she came to learn the vegan lifestyle.  Her website is full of great recipes, great books to read, interesting facts…famous vegetarians and vegans, as well as lots of links to help you in your journey!

Change your Food, Change your Life is Jill’s movie.  Watch the clips on her homepage.  I loved this movie.  It is real information given by a real person, who has once eaten the western diet that most of us indulge in.  There are 2 parts to her movie.  Part 1 is great information and statistics she basically titles “To Clog or Not to Clog”, as well as great examples.  Part 2 is filled with great information while Jill goes shopping, she points out products that have helped her in her journey, as well as she dined in restaurants and showed exactly how easy it can be to order out!

While your checking out Jill’s website, you should check out her blog as well.  I frequent her website, you should too!!!

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