Americans eat like kings and queens, and we are sicker than ever!

We Americans like everything fast!!!  We have lost the character quality…Patience!!

We want to get where we are going without lights, we need to get where we are going fast…no matter the cost!  We need to keep constant communication with each other, even when we are driving.  We want to get all our information from the computer fast, and if it holds us up even a little, we get full of rage!  We want to have our meals done fast…without much preparation.

With our constant worries of needing things done fast, that can cause major stress on our bodies.  That along with all the “fast” food, we are killing ourselves slowly.  Or should I say, quicker than in ages past?!  Growing up in my family, we ate most every meal as a family.  My mom always cooked dinner for our family.  Ordering a pizza or getting a burger, etc. was a luxury that we didn’t get too often.  Even then, we ate more luxurious than those before us.  Today, we live in an age that we feed out bodies whatever we have a taste for at that moment.

We parents have a responsibility to our kids to give them nourishment!!  I must admit, I don’t always want to cook, and sometimes when I do, it is not the most nutritious meal.  There was a time when I would take my kids to lunch at LEAST once a week…sometimes more.  We would have take out for dinner 3-4  times a month or more.  I always thought that was really not too bad.  Boy, did I get a wake up call when I began studying nutrition on my own.

Today’s kids are 3 times as likely to be obese than they were 30 years ago!!  The prevalence of obesity among children aged 6 to 11 years increased from 6.5%
in 1980 to 19.6% in 2008. The prevalence of obesity among adolescents aged 12 to
19 years increased from 5.0% to 18.1% (  These statistics are cause for alarm, if you ask me!!  Most kids today don’t know what a home cooked meal is!  I have been told by many of my kids friends that they don’t like or even eat salads at home.  These are just a few of the kids I personally know that eat from fast food restaurants on a weekly basis if not a daily basis.

Did you know that the average 10 yr old is showing signs of heart disease?  These children have the arteries of the average 40 yr old.  This is the first generation of children that will NOT outlive their parents if we don’t do anything to change this.  This is scary…and I am urging you parents out there to take a look at what you are feeding your children.

I know, in the age of everything fast…we are all extremely busy.  Start packing lunch/dinner.  Pack healthy snacks.  Pack your kids lunches for school…most school lunches are just as bad as feeding them fast food every day!!  Make the cut-CUT out soda.  Again, so many of my kids friends don’t like or even drink water~this is a fact.  My kids have been drinking water since they were babies!  Soda and juice are just full of sugar, which contribute to all the diseases.

I know, some of you think you/your kids deserve to eat like a king or queen mainly because you felt like you didn’t get that as a child, or that is all you know.  You CAN make this change.

Start making meals at home with fresh ingredients!!  You just might find you like it!!

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